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At Probe Electronics we are REMOTE CONTROL specialists for all brands of Air Conditioners, Televisions, etc. and for all Hitachi, Toshiba and Soniq products. We are the main Authorised HITACHI spare parts stockist & distributor. We can supply basically everything from a semiconductor to an AC adaptor and have been doing so for 37 years. Spare parts: If your HITACHI product has a problem and needs to have a part replaced, we can supply it. We stock a full range of remote controls, spare lamps for LCD projectors and consumables for other products. We also supply spare parts for HITACHI vacuum cleaners and washing machines etc.  CALL US NOW: MELBOURNE (03) 9568 6955


At Probe Electronics, we have a huge range of product accessories & SPARE PARTS including:

Air Conditioner Remote Controls for Hitachi, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Daikin, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, LG, Carrier, Hisense, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, in fact for any Air Conditioner brand!

HITACHI Remote controls for TV, Air Conditioners, VCRs, LCD Projectors, Audio & Video products, including Vintage products like VCRs (Video Recorders), Hi-Fi Systems, CD Players, DVD Players, etc, etc, going back as far as the 1970's.

SONIQ, TOSHIBA and 3M Remote controls.  

HITACHI & 3M Projector Lamps. 

HITACHI WASHING MACHINE & VACUUM CLEANER PARTS, Motors, Tape Heads, Pinch Rollers (pressure rollers) for Cassette Decks and Cassette Players, Semiconductors and more...

We offer a flat rate Remote Control repair service for any make or type of Remote Controls that are no longer available. Please enquire. 

Hitachi Camera Specific:

Batteries, Battery chargers and AC adaptors, A/V & RF cables + adaptors etc.

CALL US: MELBOURNE (03) 9568 6955


Security Systems